Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Manic Musings ...

hey y'all,

why can't i be like that sweet, adorable little lamb without a care in the world?! you can just tell he's got nothing but bubbles of air floating around in his sweet li'l noggin. instead, i feel like screaming and running around in circles with my hands over my ears ... because my brain is so overwhelmed with thoughts and worries and projects and more worries. aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

whew. okay, now that that's off my chest, i'll try to pretend i'm a sane person just blogging away a ccccccold february afternoon.

went FAGGing the last TWO weekends!! how much FUN can a girl have?! maybe i'm a little overstimulated from all my junkin' treasures (including that precious lamb, above), good food (little white donuts are a must when we go out) and all the laughs we shared in the FAG-mobile.

i have the movie citizen kane on in the background. i watched the first hour or so because it's always listed as one of (if not THE) best movies in history ... always in close competition with my beloved gone with the wind.

well, let me tell you. meh ... it was alright. but it's no GWTW. i had to get up because i couldn't hack it anymore. maybe i'm missing something, or my tastes are skewed.

but i digress. perhaps i need to number my thoughts. that always seems to help me focus what i'm writing. so here goes.

1. i got a haircut/color/style last week!! this is the first professional salon 'do that i've ever had in my almost 50 years! which is probably why i decided to do it. the big 5-0 is coming soon.

it's a big change (for me) and i'm pleased with it. so is everyone else who's dared to comment on it. ;)

2. found a GREAT new junking haunt! i don't normally release this top secret information to just anyone. but since there are so few who actually read this mess of a blog, i thought i'd share. it's called the annunciation maternity home thrift shop and it's open only on the first and third fri/sat of each month.

it's located in a warehouse type building just off of state hwy 195, south of killeen/florence. turn right onto shell road just before you reach I35 and the maternity home is on the left.

they have TONS of items and terrific prices! and all proceeds go to a wonderful cause.

all they ask is that you DON'T drive over 17 mph. huh. i hate odd numbers.

3. i received my blog prize from vintagesue. a box of sweet vintage loveliness ... pieces that she knew i'd love, meant just for me! thanks soooo much sue!

sue, i hope you received the email with my effusive thanks for this lovely box o' treasures!!

4. was driving around, junkin' solo one day last week and drove past a white wicker daybed (!!!!!!!) sitting waaaay out close to the street. it was meant to draw attention, as it happened to be at a mini-flea market thingy. i nearly broke my neck gawking at it as i flew past (it was on a business highway).

without hesitation, i performed a quick (and slightly illegal) u-turn and pulled in right next to it.

a guy named fred met me before i even got out of my car. geez. like stink on a dog. he spoke broken english (meaning, not much better than me, heheh) but enough to communicate that the daybed went with the dresser sitting next to it, for a total of $175.

ouch. not my price range. plus, i didn't want or need the dresser. i've been in search of a daybed for my daughter's vacant room which is now my craft room/guest room.

anyhow, i told fred that was more than i could pay and he quickly informed me that i needed to speak to maria, the head-honcho lady. sadly, her english was worse than fred's so all i got from her was a lot of "no, no, no!" and violent head gestures.

ummm, methinks she no like my offer. but she did finally agree to split up the set and sell me the daybed after some serious and frustrating negotiations, with fred in the middle performing translation duties. poor guy. he earned his money that day, which i suspect isn't much with maria as his boss. yikes.

BUT, i am now the v. happy owner of an adorable white wicker daybed, complete with a serta mattress.

can't wait to get it moved into its new home and gussied up with chenille and pillows and lace and such.

5. saw my primary (doctor, that is) yesterday. hate going, mainly because i'm not a patient patient. which is to say, i don't like to wait 2 hours for my scheduled appointment time. i know it all boils down to the healthcare crisis, managed care, insurance companies and HMOs running the show. so "small business" doctors like mine, feel the need to make up for the loss of $$ by overbooking. i know this because i've been on the inside of the system. triple booking (scheduling 3 people for a 2:00 appointment) is a reality.

ANYways, i don't like it one bit. the wait, that is. when i'm in the waiting room with all the other poor souls, i have to play nice. but once i'm alllll alone in that exam room, it's game ON. nothing is sacred. latex gloves, the exam table, instruments, brochures, posters on the wall. anything i can access is fair game for my personal entertainment. why read a book when i can do this?!

perform a self-tonsil exam. don't try this at home, kiddies. i'm a professional. heh

make-believe you're teaching a health class: take notice, class ... if your liver is on the outside of your purple dress, something is amiss. consult your physician immediately. good luck.

6. tomorrow is groundhog's day. just sayin'.

y'all stay safe and warm. it's cold everywhere ... even in central texas! brrrrrrrrr.

love and hugs,
terry lee

ps. for your irreverant amusement, i conclude with the following:

spotted this little angel at the expo center recently. couldn't resist taking her picture ... in a not-so-angelic pose. if you know what i mean. and yes, i'm going straight to the devil for it.


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I love Love LOVE your hair!! You look waaaay young!
Your entertaining yourself in the drs. office reminds me of some of the antics my son and I pull .... one time, he put two of the little cones they use for the ear exam thing, under his shirt.... says, is it cold in here, or is it me? We were laughing so hard by the time the doctor came in, he made him do a re-enactment... this was a few years ago, so it was the pediatrician .... he cracked up too!
Gotta show my son that angel... he'll love it!

Dana said...

Wow, this post so worth the wait-
1. your hair looks great
2. vintagesue stuff is the best!
3. the wicker daybed will be SO much FUN to dress up!
4. you had me laughing out loud with the lady in the purple dress poster. How funny would it have been for the dr. or nurse to walk in while you were doing all this???
5. Thank you for commenting on my blog!

Jan W said...

Your hair looks great, Terry Lee! I love the stuff you got from vintagesue. Very cute. :)

MOLLYE said...

Hey Terry Lee, The hair do is just right for you. Be sure to go back for trims though. Very chic and cute!...As usual you got the mother lode of stash on your fagging. Love the bed. C'mon over and comment on my OWOH post so you can have a chance to win some pressies. The junk jewelry has YOUR name on it for sure! XXMollye

Jamie said...

Oh darlin' you are cracking me up! Thank you, I am feeling particularly grumpy this morning, so your entertaining doctor visit is just what I needed.

LOVE the new do! Quite the chic look!
The new bed is precious, I can't wait to see what you do with it.

IF it ever gets above freezing (this is Texas, right???) I am going to have to go check that place out!

craftymarta said...

You are sooo funny. I love the haircut, better than plastic surgery. It makes you look 15 years younger, maybe I should try that. Thanks for the info about the thrift shop. I agree with the appointment comment, do you know they will reschedule you if you are more than five minutes late? My dentist charge me 25$ and reschedule me last time for been 3 minutes late. Needdless to say that was the last time I saw him. I have waited for him over an hour and this is what I get.I left a comment in Sue's blog, it applies to you too. Blessings, Marta.